How To Clean Your Living Room

Living rooms get dusty and dirty because people use them and they sit down and then dust collects on the furniture and on all the surfaces, and underneath the future, so we need to get in there and deeply clean it.

First up, is the furniture. When you’re deep cleaning furniture, you want to have the proper tools. For upholstered furniture, you need to have a vacuum and preferably a steam cleaner like a rug doctor or something like that with a hose attachment. Deeply cleaning every corner inch of the furniture is ideal. Sometimes the house owners before you have some pets who make the couch cushion smell like dogs.

Get that odor out of there and get all the accumulated fur and build-up and dust. Because dust mites love to hang out inside all the cushions and couches. The evidence is when you spank the cushion, you will see a puff of cloud come out of the sofa.

The first step is to remove all the cushions. When removing the cushions, you will notice that there is sometimes some debris on the under side and you’ll notice all the crumbs underneath the cushions. There are coins and all kinds of treasures. You’ll be surprised. Even food, hair, and other nasty stuff.

Now it’s time to vacuum.