How To Clean Your Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen is very exciting.

Make some DIYs. Put some vinegar with equal parts water and then some oil for a good smell.

First thing to do is wipe all your surfaces with this spray. Whether that’s the kitchen top, or the faucets.

Next make some DIY floor cleaning solution. Make a fresh batch every time you clean your floor. The floors in the kitchen can get so disgusting. The solution is composed of hot water, kitchen soap, baking soda, and vinegar, which again, vinegar is used in a lot of these recipes.

Then use a double-sided mop. Pour a little bit of solution on the floor and go ahead and mop it with the damp side of your mop. Do it at twice or three times a week. Or ideally every night.

After the floors, make a DIY refrigerator deodorizer. It’s really easy. It’s just baking soda and lemon essential oil. It smells delicious, actually, and it makes the refrigerator smell good. It absorbs all the nasty scents in your refrigerator. Keep it in a place where it’s not really noticeable, like on the side door.

Next is a DIY dish washing cleaner. You can put it inside the dishwasher: a whole lot of vinegar in a big cup. Then just turn on the dishwasher.

Next is cleaning the cutting boards. Put some salt on the cutting board, then put lemon. Then scrub it with the lemon. Because we cook on chopping boards so often, it sometimes smells like garlic or meat.