How To Clean Your Bathroom

It’s your turn to clean the bathroom again, and you’re fearing the worst. What disastrous fate awaits you this time? The hair clog drain, the toothpaste explosion, or is it the mysterious ceiling stain.

Whatever it is, here are tips to take care of it.

If you’re into natural cleaning methods, brew in 3 teabags of black tea, it can be just a Lipton tea, in an eight ounce glass. Use it to clean the glass or mirror in your bathroom. Transfer the tea in a spray bottle, and instead of a paper towel, try a newspaper. Then put the newspaper to work on the dirtiest mirror in your house. For best results, two or three applications is necessary.

No one likes scrubbing the shower, but it has to be done. That grime and soap scum has to be dealt with. Get a dish wand and fill it with half vinegar and half liquid soap. It’s quick and easy and it can even be accomplished while showering.

If you’re looking to remove those hard water stains from your shower fixture, all you need is some lemon and some elbow grease. The acid in the album breaks down the hard water. The best part, there are no harsh chemicals needed.

If you’ve got tougher stains, wrap it with a washcloth and soak it in white vinegar. Let it sit for 30 minutes. You can also get a toothbrush and get in those hard to reach spaces.