Is Your House Clean Enough?

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Your house may look tidy and clean but much of the harmful dirt are too small to be seen.

Bacteria are known to accumulate in the most unexpected places. Do you know that your own mattress might be the home of 10 million mites?

There is 400 times more bacteria on an average desktop than on a toilet seat and that there is 200 times more faecal bacteria on the average cutting board than on a toilet seat. Notwithstanding, microbes can travel 6 feet when you flush a toilet and they remain circulating in the air for up to two hours afterwards.

Our beloved pets can also be carriers of these harmful microorganisms. 50 percent of dogs and cats carry bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Speaking of food and dishes, there are 10 million bacteria per inch on a dirty

In cleaning, one must also make sure to sanitize and not only to tidy up the mess. Cleaning can be made more effective if everyone in the house contributes. On average, 51 percent of women do the housework daily, while 20 percent are men. 47 percent of cohabiting couples argue because of cleaning and housework.



But bacteria and dust do not only reside in homes, they can also be found anywhere where people can go, play and do lots of activities. The person himself contributes to dust in the 10 grams of dead skin that he sheds every week.

If everybody knew the real consequences of a dirty house, I’m sure everyone would get down and clean right off the bat! You can boost your products and services through online marketing. The  SEO is an important tactic for driving traffic to your site. By engaging into the digital world, surely your career will be one on the top.