No Time to Clean Our Homes!

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Did you know that a person spends an average of 12, 896 hours on cleaning the house for his whole lifetime? That’s nearly 77 weeks or a total of one and a half years! Parents in particular spend 2.2 years cleaning in their lifetime. The average Brit spends 2-4 hours cleaning their house each week.

But, 7 out of 10 people say that they have no time to clean their homes. 20 percent of men admit to never thoroughly cleaning their home while 60 percent have deliberately shut their doors of certain rooms just so their guests won’t have to see the mess. 31 percent of couples argue over housework at least once every week, among all the other things they could possibly disagree about. Couples row 104 times a year about mess!


If only we could clean our house in half the time, we would be able to take better care of our health by exercising, sleeping more and cooking healthy home food. We’d be able to improve our social lives if we had more time to spend on our relationships. We can finally go on that date or hang out with friends.


We’d also be able to invest some time on ourselves with the time we’d normally spend on cleaning or looking for neat furniture like another closet . We can read books or go for a walk.

So the next time we find ourselves on the fence about inviting friends into our home or rowing with our partner because of the state of the rooms, it’s better to remember taking care about people and oneself is so much better than worrying endlessly about an untidy home.