A Student-friendly Guide to Cleaning the Room In No Time

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Cleaning your own bedroom and studying quarters can help improve your study time. Here are some tips to clean your private space in an hour or less.

Before you get your hands dirty, do the following first to ensure a smooth cleaning process:

  1. Gather up everything you need to clean your house
  2. Don an apron with pockets. This will protect your clothes from being soiled while at the same time hold small-sized cleaning items. Wear comfortable clothes underneath.
  3. Put on some music that will motivate you to keep up a good pace.
  4. Set a timer for every hour to create a sense of urgency
  5. Remember, start in one room and work your way around the house.


Cleaning the Bedroom

15 minutes is enough time to make your bedroom spic-and-span. Place everything that doesn’t belong in the bedrooms in a washing basket. Dust and wipe all the surfaces. Polish your mirrors. Make the beds and take out the dirty laundry.students-guide

After the room is cleaned, put everything back in its rightful place, including the cleaning materials that you won’t be using anymore. Put the dirty clothes and bedding in the laundry room to be washed. Mop the floors last.

Now, you can finally go back to studying.

When you are a student and a good one at that, you find that most of your time is spent on studying and schooling, whether you major in the sciences or your an art and design student learning to do cad. There’s little time for anything else.