6 Facts About Spring Cleaning

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There’s much to know about the process of cleaning. Here are some fun facts about it.

1. 50% of women do daily housework while only 20% of men do.

The battle has been won about who is the leader of cleaning in the house. Women have the upper hand at this for sure. Men are known to be lousy at cleaning. The woman in the house is the one who really knows her way around the process.

2. 68% of people dread spring cleaning

Who looks forward to spring cleaning anyway? The only way to make spring cleaning bearable is to turn on music while doing the chore.


3. Over 6 million people employ domestic help

The value of the household cleaner is rising each year, as people get lazier and lazier. Or is it that homes are getting more and more complicated to clean. You would need an expert to do things right.

4. A quarter of people employ domestic help because they don’t like domestic chores.

And then a third don’t have time to complete tasks themselves. In 1911, domestic service was the most popular job in Britain, with 1.3 million people employed.

Spring Cleaning

5. 16% of men leave all cleaning to their partner

This has been the way for many households in the world. The women are the pros when it comes to cleaning. Unlike the men, they may devote their entire time on their work. Especially when having work related to advertisement or media online promotion and sales tasks. It takes an entire life to work on. Because of online app and social community websites become more popular these days. Also, more and more people use their cell phone searching on google and yahoo looking for products to buy and latest shopping information to chat with friends. This becomes more important than before.

6. Cleaning for 2 hours burns 200 calories

The women get the last laugh in this, because they get to have their daily exercise while cleaning. Plus they get to enjoy a house that suits their living conditions. It’s a win-win situation. Getting go with the flow of fashion today? Jasmine dress fashion shop offers a variety of fashionable clothes that you will surely like. It comes from a good quality cloth that will makes you feel comfortable when wearing it.