Different Ways To Clean Your Carpet

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There are different factors to consider when cleaning your carpet.

These are: the material of your carpet, its drying time, the type of contaminant, the amount of foot traffic in the area, and the health issues within the household. Depending on these factors, you can now choose the carpet cleaning method that is most suitable for you.

  1. Dry Cleaning

This method is often considered preferable because of its faster drying time. Heat and chemicals are used in the cleaning process to effectively break down any oily build-up in the carpet. This is a more appropriate method to use to remedy stubborn stains.

2. Foam cleaning

This method is a cross between shampooing and dry cleaning. Foam is the main detergent used in this method. The foam attracts soil particles, dust and other forms of solid dirt in the carpet and eliminates them when the vacuuming is done.


3) Bonnet buffing

The bonnet method is designed mainly to maintain the carpet rather than to provide deep cleaning. A round buffer or “bonnet” is used to scrub a cleaning mixture on the carpet in a rotating motion. This method is not ideal for deep cleaning.

4) Steam cleaning

This method is also known as hot water extraction and it is considered as the most effective method of carpet cleaning. It is done using a hot water cleaning solution, which is sprayed on the carpet at high pressure with a jet spray. This method is very effective in removing dirt and microbes.

carpet-13 Choosing the best carpet cleaning method is not different from choosing the correct AutoCAD variant. If one chooses correctly, you are halfway to doing a good job.